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Hydraulic manual C-arm OT table BENE-83T
Hydraulic manual C-arm OT table BENE-83T
Type : Hydraulic Manual
Brand : Benemed
Mode : BENE-83T


BM-83T is applicable for the general hospital operation room use, including cardiac, kidney, orthopedics,

neurosurgery, gynecology, urological surgery, etc. It can be used for C-arm/X-ray checkups and radiology

imaging. By using pumps, all the necessary positions can be easily achieved through the two sides adjustment of the operation table during surgery.

Table Size                                 1900mm*500mm

Height Adjustment                 700mm -900mm

Head Board fold upward                   >22°

Head Board fold downward              >25°

Tilt(left)/Tilt(right)                              >20°                                  

Backboard Upwards                          >50°          

Backboard Downwards                      >10°

Leg board fold upward                      >30°

Led board fold downward                 >45°

Net weight                                       150KG

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