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Semi-auto OT table BENE-81T
Semi-auto OT table BENE-81T
Type : Semi auto OT table
Brand : Benemed
Mode : BENE-81T


BM-81T is a multifunctional semi-electric Operating table, it's applicable for surgeries of head, neck, chest, abdomen, perineum, limbs, etc. It’s controlled by electric to make the table up and down, while making it left and right, front and back by manually.

This product is very ergonomic design. It is composed by the bed body (back plate,

seat plate, leg plate), auxiliary table, control section (handle, foot switch) and other main

components and accessories, make it stable and safety.

Table size 1900mm*500mm

Height Adjustment 700mm-900mm

Trendelenburg > 22°

Reverse-Trendelenburg : > 25°

Tilt(Left)/Tilt(Right) >20°

Backboard Upwards >50°

Backboard Downwards >10°

Legboard Upwards >30°

Legboard Downwards >45°

Main Voltage(AC) 110-220V

Frequency 50HZ

Total Weight 150KG

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