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ARI Timer for Respiration BM-A100

Type : Respiration
Mode : BM-A100

Technical specifications:

The unit activated by with an easy accessible button.

Activated by pressing the center of the front-side of the device.

By pressing the start button:

1. Produce an audible beep to indicate the countdown has started;

2. Provide red visual indicator informing the user that the device has been activated and is counting down (For example a flashing LED could indicate the unit is currently counting down.)

3. After 60 seconds a double audible beep produced indicating the 60 seconds’ period has passed and the visual indicator should cease indicting the unit has stopped counting down.

4. Pressing the button during an ongoing countdown reset the unit which means: stop the countdown and the visual indicator.

5. One audible signal (beep) at start and tow audible signal (Beep, Beep) at the end of the cycle.

6. Visual indication (red LED flashing) during operation and progress during the cycle. (Each second flashing, till the timer is stopped or when it completes the one minute count) .

7. Accuracy should be ± 0.1 second.

8. The unit battery powered and full batteries allow the unit to support 10 ,000 cycles of 60 seconds as a minimum.

9. The indicator LED integrated in the casing and not protruding.

10. A provision included to ensure that the battery is not connected to the internal circuit at the time of delivery. This to avoid unwanted activation, leakage or accidental short-circuit of the unit.

11. Weight: 45gm

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